OnG Service

OnG Service is a small, dynamically developing enterprise operating in Poland and other European countries. It offers specialized services related to the extraction, exploitation and processing of oil and gas. It provides professional service, technological support, repairs and maintenance of installations in refineries and mines using the highest quality chemicals.

  • Comprehensive service related to the delivery and unloading of chemicals at the service point
  • Sampling of crude oil, natural gas and reservoir water
  • Replacement of molecular sieves in installations of serviced entities
  • Separators cleaning
  • Chemical agents packaging services
  • Comprehensive service related to the delivery and unloading of chemicals at the service point
  • Ongoing control of the operational parameters of the technological process that affect the amount and type of dosed chemicals.
  • Ensuring failure-free operation of the corrosion monitoring system
  • Cleaning and maintenance of installations
  • Replacement of damaged components of the corrosion monitoring system
  • Calibration and configuration of the corrosion progress measuring system
  • Dosing of chemicals in installations
  • Inspection of the technical condition of tanks and suction lines, including:
    1. inspection / renewal of the anti-corrosion (paint) coating of the tanks
    2. checking / renewing the anti-corrosion coating of the suction lines
    3. checking the technical condition of liquid level gauges – tightness / correctness of indications / legibility / marking

In its operations, OnG Service uses high-quality raw materials and chemical products. Cooperates, among others, with Brenntag Polska Sp. z o.o. - a world leader in the industry.


The company’s employees have extensive experience in the industry, and their qualifications and authorizations are confirmed by many certificates, including:

  • CERTIFICATE of H2S and B.A. Training
  • VCA
  • SEP (G1/G2/G3)
  • ADR


process design

selection and dosage of chemical products

conducting on-site inspections and inspections at the service point

developing reports


Office and warehouse